You Gave Them A Family


Something extraordinary is happening in Moldova.
Forty girls are getting off the bus and walking through the doors of a loving home. They are unpacking their school bags, gathering around the table to finish their assigned schoolwork. They are mingling in the kitchen, sharing stories of their day with the house parents.
Not too far away, the same thing is happening at Simon’s House.
This is everyday life at Stella’s Voice. And while it may seem like such a simple thing, most of these kids had never had a home, never had a family, a loving mum.
But when they come to Stella’s Voice, they become our family—and we become theirs.
And it’s all because of your support - it has not only provided these kids with a safe place to turn, but a loving family.
But as in any family, it is expensive to care for our kids. The daily needs are many, but our priorities never change. As their family, it is our duty, our honour, to keep them safe, to sow love into their lives. It is our duty to guide them, to laugh with them during the joyful moments, and cry with them during the painful ones.
Your gift of any amount will help us keep our girls and boys safe, will help us stay ready for all of the children who will come into our lives.
Will you give? Give to support those whom we are blessed to call our family, give to support those we will come to know as our own.
And as you do, please know that in those everyday moments—as the kids get off the bus, make dinner, chat with the house parents—we are grateful for you. Thank you for being part of our Stella’s Voice family.